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cerdo iberico

The Iberian pig

The Iberian pig is a native breed, unique in the Iberian Peninsula. It grows up only in some regions of Spain and Portugal, unlike the common or white pig, which is breeded in all around the world.

What is special in the Iberian pig is their physiological capacity to store fat inside the muscles. So, the products made ​​from their meat have the well-known infiltration of fat or veins, which enhance its aroma, flavor and texture.

About us

Emiliano García The company, located in Cespedosa de Tormes (Salamanca), produces artisanal and organic hams and cold cuts since 1968. We are a family business dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of ham, where we specially take care about the quality of our products. To do this, we use a wide experience in our field and apply a traditional and ancestral knowledge.


Our 'jamones' and 'paletas', and our sausages are the result of a long, slow process of healing, in which we take great care over every single detail of the manufacturing process. In addition, our production is small compared with other companies, so we can guarantee the quality of our products.

Emiliano Garcia offers the best price of the following products: Iberian ham (special reserve), Iberian ham, Iberian ham recebo, acorn-fed Iberian palette (Special Reserve), palette Iberian acorn-fed Iberian recebo palette, back Iberian acorn-fed Iberico sausage and chorizo ​​Iberico.


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